Saturday, January 16, 2010

Title? No.

So, last time I wrote here it was four months ago, the beginning of a new semester, and I was full of fresh hopes and dreams for my fitness. Then fall semester hit and it was massively horrible and hard and busy and I barely had time for hygiene, let alone exercise.

This semester, however, promises to be at least a bit more flexible and relaxed, and I hope to get back on the wagon again, for real this time.

My plan:
1. Eat better foods, and a bit less of the foods I do eat. Eating better foods encompasses eating less sugar, less processed stuff, and more fruits and vegetables.
2. Start running again, probably C25k again, and perhaps run the same 5k in April that I did last year. I plan on starting this up in a week or two.
3. Do the 30-Day Shred DVD two or three times a week. I've started this already, and OUCH.

My goal is to fit back into some of my pre-baby clothes, and to have more endurance and energy.

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